Two Bodies - Kate Snow
Opening September 1, 2017

Artist Statement

This show features two separate but related bodies of work exploring the push and pull of control and chaos, holding on and letting go, restriction and freedom, stability and movement, differences and similarities. It asks whether these forces oppose each other, compliment each other, or define each other. After all, what does control mean without chaos? What is different if we don't know what is the same?

As an artist, I find external restraints comforting and work from a place of imposed boundaries. Stripping away the excesses of the visual world and using basic elements of design to communicate my ideas is both challenging and freeing: a single dot bears weight as it has to explain the absence of other shapes and composition; a lone color has to be enough to justify the lack of other colors. In this respect, Minimalism becomes Maximilaism: something simple becomes complex To work minimally is to walk the tightrope with no net; it is grace, it is exhilaration, it is my deepest self laid bare. In a world that continues to overwhelm, these works are part of an ever evolving look at how to express more with less and to reduce the chaos around us in to something understandable.

Kate Snow is a painter and printmaker born in Charlotte, North Carolina. After five years working and learning at the cooperative art space, Zygote Press, she began actively showing work in 2016. Her stripped down approach relies heavily on elements of design and imposed boundaries to explore the uneasy relationship between order and chaos. Using line, repeating shape, and a limited palette, she seeks balance within complexity and questions how we connect and interact with ourselves and each other. She currently works from her studio at home in Cleveland Heights, OH where she also creates a small print line of stationery and apparel in collaboration with her husband, Eagan Rackley, under the name Four Fish Ink.